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An Essay Concerning Human Understanding. Book II: Ideas ... Essay II. John Locke xxvii: Identity and diversity eternal, unalterable, and everywhere; and so there can be no doubt concerning his identity. 2 Each finite spirit had its determinate time and place .... regarding identity, and especially personal identity, to which. 114
For, since consciousness always accompanies thinking, and it is that which makes every one to be what he calls self, and thereby distinguishes himself from all other thinking things, in this alone consists personal identity, i.e. the sameness of a rational being: and as far as this consciousness can be extended backwards to
Chapter XXVII of An Essay Concerning Human. Understanding ... two or more should be one, identity and diversity are re- lations and ways of comparing well founded, and of use to the understanding. 3. Identity of modes and relations. All other things .... ties, especially concerning PERSONAL identity, which therefore we
A summary of Book II, chapters xxiv-xxvi: Ideas of Relation in John Locke's Essay Concerning Human Understanding. Learn exactly what happened in ... It is in the context of this discussion that Locke presents his theory of personal identity, that is, his theory of what makes us the same person over time. According to Locke
Chapter XXVII on “Identity and Diversity” in An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (Locke, 1689/1997) has been said to be one of the first modern conceptualisations of consciousness as the repeated self-identification of oneself, in which Locke gives his account of identity and personal identity in the second edition of
There is also annexed to the same essay a small tract in defence of Mr. Locke's opinion concerning personal identity; a point of some consequence, but which many ingenious persons, probably from not observing what passed between him and Molyneux on the subject, [letters in September and December, 1693, and
The two most important of these are Locke's remarks in Book IV, Chapter 3 section 6 of An Essay Concerning Human Understanding that for all we know God could just as easily make matter fitly disposed to think as He could add thought to an immaterial substance; the second is the revolutionary theory of personal identity
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According to Locke, the Idea of identity means different things when concerned with substances, living beings and persons. substances, for instance atoms (or in Locke's time, corpuscles), derive ... It is only a continuity of consciousness from one moment in time to another, that creates the Idea of personal identity in persons.
An Essay Concerning Human Understanding ... These are the elements out of which all human knowledge is composed. ... in the case of such ideas as space, immensity, number, infinity, power, substance, cause and effect, personal identity, moral evaluations, and the sense in which ideas may be said to be true or false.

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